Monday, 22 January 2018

How to motivate yourself more effectively through reinforcement!

Using reinforcements to push you to your goal. 

   We all crave a little more effectiveness in reaching our goals, and I believe that can be achieved by rewarding ourselves for the little steps that we take which brings us closer to those goals. take for instance
you want to own your very own car, you get to start saving up for this purpose right? well your goal in this scenery is the car and the reinforcements will be the savings. or a better illustration, you know when you  want a your child to eat their veggies and they don't actually feel like, then you decide that if they finish their veggies they <!--more-->  can watch the TV or not? well the TV is the reinforcement, hope you get the memo now.
        The very same way w get to motivate others intrinsically (like words of praise, affirmation an so on) or extrinsically (physically like gifts), we can apply same to ourselves. B F Skinner  showed that if you want someone to change, you’re better off using the carrot than the stick. Punishing people for performing bad undesirable behavior, according to Skinner, is less likely to lead them to change than is giving them encouragement for doing what you want. In fact, punishment might even have the opposite effect than what you intend by making them angry, scared, or a little of both. 

  First things first, you need to find something you really like to do or something you’d like to have that can, realistically, serve as a reward. You should try and make a list of at least 4 or 5 rewards that you know you will work hard to get, this will give you a motivational boost toward that goal. Rewards can either be positive or negative. positively, you can allow yourself to have a bit of that thing you really like that is acting as your reinforcement when you find out that you are gaining a level of progress toward your goal no matter how small it may look, Negatively you can deprive yourself of that reinforcement. Negative reinforcement  always strengthens a response, negative reinforcement must also increase a behavior’s strength. It’s just that it operates by what it takes away, not what it adds. 

 For example, if you’d like to cut back on your television watching and instead read more often, reward yourself by allowing yourself to watch television only when you have read for 20 minutes, then 30, then maybe 2 hours.

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  1. true, this works when its another person, but i've never tried it on myself.

  2. This is some nice stuff