Thursday, 22 August 2019

About our Founder

Sandra Anyahaebi is a Mental health blogger and advocate, bringing awareness to mental health issues in Nigeria. Her current project involves 
providing help and building capacity in the area of Substance Use Prevention.
She is a psychologist and a National Trainer on the Universal Prevention Curriculum for Substance Use (UPC) Implementer Series. She is a member of several professional and social organisations, locally and internationally including the International Society of Substance Use professionals Nigeria Chapter (ISSUP) and also a member of ISSUP International. 
Sandra Anyahaebi at the Nigerian Academy of pharmacy symposium on drug abuse in Nigeria (2019) 

Sandra at the  2018 ISSUP-NACADA International Conference on Drug Demand Reduction (Nairobi, Kenya)

She received her bachelors’ degree in Psychology from Caritas University in Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. She is passionate about capacity building, drug demand reduction initiatives, mentoring and also keen on the health and well being of people in her society especially the mental health of Youths. She is pursuing a healthy and safe development of young people to realise and maximise their potentials.

She is a beneficiary of the 2nd global youth leaders’ forum on drugs use and prevention held in Nairobi, Kenya 2018 where she received training on Community-Based prevention of substance Use. She has also received training as a national trainer on Universal Prevention Curriculum on Substance Use Disorders organized by the Colombo Plan and GISA. Sandra is also a GISA Youth Drug Free Ambassador (GYDFA). 

Youths from Nigeria at the ISSUP-NACADA  Conference in Nairobi.
(L-R, Olatunji Abiola, Sandra Anyahaebi, Oluwakemi Emmanuel, Vivian Vongdoh and Doris)

When She is not working on drug demand reduction, she is a social media manager for various brands  she also enjoys photography focusing on using her mobile phone to create and capture memories through pictures and videos.


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